Terms of Service

Posted March 17, 2003

All sales by RONNIE WOOD ART & MUSIC shall be governed by the following terms:

1) The prices for Ronnie Wood Art change based on the upward and downward fluctuations of the market and are subject to ongoing re-evaluation. RONNIE WOOD ART & MUSIC will make every effort to inform its clients of price changes in a timely manner, however, prices may change without notice.

2) The prices posted on any area of the website, including the affiliated PayPal purchasing area, reflect the amount of the most recent posting. RONNIE WOOD ART & MUSIC will make every effort to keep these prices current, but in some instances, an online sale may be registered through PayPal after the price has changed for a particular piece but before that change has been posted on the website. In these instances, RONNIE WOOD ART & MUSIC reserves the right to enforce the most current price (be it higher OR lower) and is not responsible to honor a previous price. RONNIE WOOD ART & MUSIC reserves the right 1) to request that buyer to pay the updated price OR 2) to refund that buyer's money in full (minus whatever fees PayPal may require). RONNIE WOOD ART & MUSIC is not required to honor an outdated price due to the fact that the online purchase was executed before the price could be modified. The buyer has the right to either accept or refuse the updated price OR the buyer may request a full refund (minus PayPal fees). The refund will be issued by RONNIE WOOD ART & MUSIC in a timely manner.

3) Should any buyer request a refund for any reason and are then granted that refund by RONNIE WOOD ART & MUSIC, any subsequent request by that buyer to re-purchase a print of the same edition as a replacement shall be for the current market price at the time of the re-purchase. The exception to this would be if RONNIE WOOD ART & MUSIC and the buyer negotiated a specific agreement at the time of the refund.

4) All purchases are made in US DOLLARS. Purchases made in any other currencies are calculated at the time of initial purchase, but are honored at the time of credit transfer. Should International currency rates change between the time the sale is negotiated and the time the sale is credited, the rate of exchange at the time the sale is credited applies.

5) In the case where any specific edition is sold out, we reserve the right to use a secondary market print in place of a new print as we would normally. The quality of the secondary market print will be comparable to that of a new print and it will usually be of a lower number than a new print. If required, we will do restoration and minor repairs on the print.

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